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2016-05-09 19:27:45 by Mwolfiee

I feel like its just me but I thinka t least that i am doing everything or atleast almost everything i can do at this point to get noticed or even get one person to leave a reviwe or a favorate or something. Hovere this doesnt seem to be happening anyone have any advice? I am trying to put people in my shoes howvere i rate and favorate many images and i think atleast that i am involved and would love to be more involved in the community howver in the possition that i am in i cant be. 


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2016-05-09 20:34:10

There are a few ways:
1)You can put up your art on more than one website to increase your number of viewers(it may be better to do this after doing 2)
2)Get involved in collaborations with other artists(you can go look in the forums) and look out for anyone needing someone with a talent like yours
3)Be patient and wait but keep it up in doing what you love!

There are more ways but these are all I could think of for now.Good luck!

Mwolfiee responds:

Thanks :)


2016-05-09 21:33:10

Glad to help!