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I dont want to

2016-05-22 19:15:37 by Mwolfiee

I have two paintings that need to be done each with 3 different distinc looking cats and i havnt even started my sketch


2016-05-18 21:35:32 by Mwolfiee

Working on new art taking longer than expected.


2016-05-10 22:17:49 by Mwolfiee

1 follower 5 posts 1 reviwe and 4 comments not exactly what I expected but Ill get thier eventually.,


2016-05-09 19:27:45 by Mwolfiee

I feel like its just me but I thinka t least that i am doing everything or atleast almost everything i can do at this point to get noticed or even get one person to leave a reviwe or a favorate or something. Hovere this doesnt seem to be happening anyone have any advice? I am trying to put people in my shoes howvere i rate and favorate many images and i think atleast that i am involved and would love to be more involved in the community howver in the possition that i am in i cant be. 


2016-05-08 15:29:05 by Mwolfiee

just submited my entry to a contest that wont be judged for a few days and its all i can think about.


2016-05-07 21:44:21 by Mwolfiee

Well, still learning the ropes, but i think Im getting the hang of it. Kind of...

Art newbee

2016-05-05 17:42:17 by Mwolfiee

Hi, Im new on newgrounds and I dont realy know my way around and have no idea what i am doing so please excuse the awkward.